Top 3 Bands from Macrock!


Hey everyone, the exec board of WPCR had a great time down in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We saw a lot of great shows and talented bands so we’ve decided to compile our three favorites from everyone in one big list! If you’re looking for some underground talent, look no further!

Tristan Sherrell

  1. Grace Vonderkuhn
  2. Parlor Walls 
  3. Gym Shorts

Eric Halin

  1. Grace Vonderkuhn
  2. Band and the Beat
  3. Parlor Walls 

Lucas Davey

  1. Gym Shorts
  2. Grace Vonderkuhn
  3. Rovndhovse

Jack Swymer

  1. Roundhovse
  2. New England Patriots
  3. JΔNVS

Kyle Rainville

  1. All Hell
  2. Den-mate
  3. Crown Larks

Joshua Butler

  1. Parlor Walls 
  2. Parlor Walls 
  3. Parlor Walls 

Nick Einstman

  1. Pete Curry
  2. No Honeymoon
  3. Big Weird