Mitski – Puberty 2

Mitski: Puberty 2 (2016)

-tippywap @richie_crush 10/13/2016

Mitski is a massive thunder cloud rolling through the world right now, drenching everyone in the extreme hormones and earnest emotions of a being in space and on Earth. Puberty 2 is an effort of shuffling through all of the most stimulating and touching feelings of growing up in an ambitious and meticulous craft. What is resulted is a solid, genuine piece of art that has settings for whatever the functions may be. Opening with “Happy”, Mitski lies down for happiness intimately over a fast-pulsing industrialized rhythm. She then comes to see that happiness has once again screwed her and left her alone. A wide variety of themes and gems are scattered all along the LP released just this last June.

Mitski shines the most in her brooding melancholy tunes like “Once More to See You”, “Thursday Girl”, and “Crack Baby”. Songs like these show the evolution of a very talented songwriter who’s been slowly developing herself through personal homemade recordings for the last few years. Puberty 2 is her big chance to shine and she takes full advantage of it with songs like “Your Best American Girl”, where she gently whispers to the listener a beautiful poem referencing the day, night, and bird songs in between before exploding into one of the hardest hitting choruses one would find in the lo-fi indie rock spectrum. These moments make this album far from forgettable and push the listener to bounce as rapidly between feelings as Mitski herself is portraying them. The dynamics and sounds can be soothing and warm at times, and much more abrasive other times (see “My Body’s…”).

Overall, Mitski succeeded in her latest effort to surf the spectrum of heavy emotional songwriting that surpasses her previous albums in my opinion. Puberty 2 is funny/special because while it mocks the tender hormones of being a young adolescent, it also shows how these have developed into new forms of life for Mitski and her fans finding relevance in this LP. She ends the album on the beautiful “A Burning Hill” which sums up the effort of what could be expected from such a tiresome explosion of feelings; a tired, complacent acceptance of the day to day wandering of being.